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Accepting PayMe and FPS

For selected accounts in Hong Kong, Lemi now supports the faster payment service (FPS) and HSBC PayMe. Once FPS or PayMe has been activated on your account, customers will see it as a new option under the payment method options during checkout.

Customers can see all payment methods listed, and can select PayMe or FPS   

After that, they can click I agree to the Standard Purchase Terms and Conditions, then tap on Pay below.

On the next page, they will see a PayMe QR code. They can scan that QR code with the appropriate payment app. They will then reply to their order confirmation email with the screenshot of their payment slip. 

Go to your Order dashboard. Above existing orders you can see unpaid orders. 

Click any order to see order details.

Once payment confirmation has been sent to your email by the customer, you can tap on Mark as Paid to confirm the payment in the system. 

The order is automatically moved down the New Order section. 

To double check, you can click on the List view beside the search bar in the upper right corner.

From there, you can track all recent orders and check if they are paid or unpaid. 

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