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Adding blog posts

Blog posts are a great way of improving your Lemi business page to include content like how-tos, events, and background information about your business.

To create them, login to your Lemi account and look at the toolbar at the top of your screen. Access your blog posts by hovering over Your Business and tapping Blog.

This will redirect you to a section labeled Blog Posts. Tap Create Blog Post to get started.

To create a blog post, fill in the blank fields provided like Title and Body.

Type in the content you want. Format text by highlighting them then choosing from the options in the toolbar located under Body.

Heading = Adds headings and subheadings

Bold (B) = Sets text in bold

Italicize (I ) = Sets text in italics

Underline (U) = Underlines text

Strikethrough (̶S̶) = Crosses out text

Quote Text ( ) = Adds style for block quotes

Numbered List  () = Itemizes text with numbered list

Bulleted List () = Itemizes text with bullet list

Add Image ()= Upload an image from your computer or phone

Embed Video () = Embed a video by pasting in a Youtube link

Add Hyperlink () = Adds a hyperlink to text

Check out these tools in action from the picture below.

Scroll down to Blog Post Settings and select what Category fits your post the best. Set your Cover Image by tapping Browse and uploading the image of your choice. If you’re not satisfied with the image, tap Edit to replace with another file or Remove.

When you’re satisfied with your work, tap Publish but if not, Save Draft to continue editing it later.

Tap View to see how the blog post appears when viewed by others. To edit a blog post, tap the three-dotted button to the right of View and then tap Edit.

Now, you’ve created your first blog post!

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