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To start selling on Lemi, the most essential procedure that you have to follow is adding each of your products. Below is a step-by-step procedure on how to add products to your Lemi account.

Tap on Your Business and choose Products.

To add your first product, choose New Item.

In the New Item page, enter the details of your new product including the Name, Description, and LemiMarket Category. LemiMarket Categories are standard product categories which all products on Lemi use.

Choose between the This is a single product and This product has variants option according to your product. Products with variants refer to those products with multiple sizes, colors, and options to choose from.

Under the This is a new product category, enter the current item price, “compare at” price, and Product SKU (if you have one). The Compare at price refers to the price for which the same product/s usually sells. 

As an additional option, you may enter in the Section name the category of your product. The Section Name will be used to divide the category of the products in your business page. Tap on the The item is in stock checkbox to indicate the availability of your product.

For delivery options, fill in the Shipping Weight & Size section indicating the weight, length, width, and height of your product.

 In the Photos section, upload at least one photo of the indicated product which will appear in the Products section of your business page.

Click on the Publish button if you want to post the product immediately and on the Save Draft button if not.

You will be taken to the Products & Services page where you can see your newly added product. To further add other products, click on the New Item button and repeat the process.

To see how customers view your products, click on Your Business and choose Public View.

Your added products will be displayed on the Products section of your business page.

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