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Editing my business profile

Tap on Your Business then choose Edit Profile.

Edit your business profile starting with your Key Info

Put your Business Name in the provided sections (if you have a business name in a second language, enter it too), add an Introduction of your business, and choose primary and secondary Categories for your business.

In the right section of the page, upload your Cover photo or choose between the available templates. Cover photos will be automatically cropped to a 16:9 ratio.

Next, upload your Logo by clicking the Edit button and optionally add URLs to your Website, Facebook, and Instagram accounts in the provided sections.

In the Meet the Owner section below the page, click the checkbox to link or unlink your personal profile to your business.

Details of your personal profile will appear in the Meet the Owner section of your business page if you choose to leave the box checked. 

To check on your business profile, go to Your Business and click on Public View.

You will now see your customized public Lemi Business page!

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