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Title: How do I manage orders on Lemi?

Login to your Lemi account and look at the toolbar at the top of your screen. Access your orders by hovering over Your Business and tapping Orders. 

This will direct you to Order Overview. You can choose to view in Columns or List, just tap on any of the two options. 

Using Column view

In column view, the orders are organized into 5 different columns based on the status of orders. Orders start in the New Orders column, and as you process the orders they move from left to right.

  • New orders – orders waiting to be confirmed
  • Preparing – you are preparing these orders
  • For pickup – packed and ready for pickup
  • Out for Delivery – in transit
  • Completed – orders have been received

To get more details about an order, tap on the order tile, and you’ll get to see the details of the customer and the delivery. Scroll down to see the Order Summary and Payment Method.

Using List view

When using the List, you will see a detailed list of orders with basic information and status. To see further details, click on the View button of an order.

You will be directed immediately to the order details page where you can view the Order Summary and Payment Method.

Managing Orders 

In the order details page, click Start if you want to start preparing the order. This will move it to the Preparing status. 

If you want to go back to your order columns/list, scroll up and tap Order Overview.

Your order will appear in the Preparing column in Column view and have the Preparing status in list view. When you’re done preparing the order, move it For Pickup by tapping Ready in Column view or by clicking on the order card and tapping Ready in List view

In any order detail page, scroll down to see the Order Logs. If you want to undo any change, click on the Undo button on the Order Logs section. This will move/change the order status back to the previous step.

When the order is ready for pickup, click Dispatch on the For Pickup section. This will move the order to the Out for Delivery section. Once the order is received by the customer, click Received and the order will be moved to the Completed section.

Contacting support

If you have any query about the order, click Contact Support on the bottom left section. A window will open and you can start chatting with the Lemi Support Team.

Once done, tap on the green chat icon on the bottom right corner to minimize the chat window.

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