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Managing stock levels

There are two different ways you can manage stock on your Lemi business page, depending on your business needs.

To control your stock tracking settings, go to Your Business > Edit Profile > Account Settings and scroll down to the Stock Tracking section.

Manual stock tracking

The default option is Manual. If this is selected then when you create or edit a product, there is a checkbox which you can use to mark items as in stock.

If you deselect the checkbox then the product image will show an “Out of Stock” badge.

Automatic stock tracking

If this option is selected, then each product will have a field where you can enter the exact number of items you have available.

When a customer buys from you, the stock level will be automatically reduced, for example if you have 10 items available and they buy 2, the stock level is reduced to 8. If all items are purchased, the item is marked as out of stock.

If a customer tries to buy more items than are available they will receive an error.

Note that advanced stock tracking will not currently be available if you are using the multiple Product Variants feature.

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