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How do I tell if an order has been paid?

When you receive an order from a customer, you’ll receive an order email which looks like this. The subject line of the email will start “New Order“, and include the customer name and a unique order number.

In the email you’ll see the sentence “Payment was already confirmed for this order”. When the customer pays via credit card, Apple Pay/Google Pay, Paymongo or GCash, Lemi will accept the payment on your behalf and remit the payments to you on a schedule.

For privacy reasons, you won’t see the billing information such as credit card information, however you can be assured that payment has already been received and you can immediately prepare and ship the order.

On the Order Overview page, paid orders will go into the New Orders column.

You can read about more how to manage orders in this video and article.

Orders via PayMe or FPS

If you choose to receive orders via PayMe or FPS, the flow works slightly differently (find out more about accepting Payme and FPS).

When you receive an order, the email looks different, like this:

Notice that the subject line starts with “Pending Order” and there’s red text stating that payment is pending.

In this case you should not prepare the order until you receive a notification that payment has been received (from your bank, or Lemi). While you are waiting for payment, the order will be in a special Unpaid Orders section of the Order Overview which appears above all other columns. Once you have manually confirmed that payment was received, you can press Mark as Paid to move it to the New Orders column.

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