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How long will it take to create my custom Lemi Business Page?

If you’re on one of our paid plans, we’ll build a custom site built to your specifications, either based on one of our templates or your existing site. Because every site is different, we can’t predict precisely how long it will take to have your site ready for launch, however overall you can expect a timeline of around 4-6 weeks to prepare your site. This includes:

  • A full SEO and design audit of your existing site if applicable
  • Assisting you in selecting a suitable design
  • Migrating your products, promotions, blog posts and static pages
  • Testing e-commerce functionality

Sometimes additional work is needed, for example to connect with any third party services, or prepare any custom design elements.

We believe in giving you full transparency into the design and development process. We’ll try to share screenshots and/or a “beta” version of the site around 2-4 weeks after we start on your site. Your Lemi representative will keep in close contact with you to keep you abreast of the overall timeline and if there are any changes or unexpected issues, or we we need more information from you to proceed.

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