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What is a List?

Lists on Lemi are compilations of places that share a theme decided by you! You share your recommendations, wishlists, and memories to inspire others to discover what places have to offer. You can create a List about absolutely anything and add places from anywhere! That’s why there are global and local lists on Lemi. With just one link, you can share it with all your friends.

How do I create a List?

It’s really easy! Head over to your Profile and click on the “New List” button on the screen. Create any type of list—whether it be your favorite bookstores, everywhere you’ve been on a date, or restaurants to try. With Lemi, there’s no limit to your creativity. Make any list you want, any way you want to.

Can I write a List with friends?

Once you’ve made a list, you can edit it and in the “collaborators” tab, search for names or usernames you’d like to be List writing partners. This makes it easier to fill up your lists and keeps you in-the-loop with your friends’ adventures.

If you ever need to remove a collaborator from your list, the “collaborators” tab has a remove button too. You can even remove yourself.

Can my friends who don’t have Lemi see my Lists?

Yup! When you set your list as public, anyone with the link can read all about the your discoveries. To share a list, click the gear icon in the top right of your list and tap on the link to copy, share, or send directly in Lemi chat.

Can I rearrange the posts in my list?

Yes, just hit the gear icon on the top right of your list and scroll down to the “places” section. Drag the three lines on the right of the places you’d like to move and drop them in the order you want.

What’s the map on my list for?

The map on Lemi shows all the places you’ve included in your list and helps readers visualize and/or plan their trip if they were thinking of visiting your recommendations.

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