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What is Lemi Market?

The Market tab on Lemi allows you to support local businesses all around the world by purchasing products directly or special coupons that give amazing deals. You can redeem them instantly or save them for a rainy day!

What’s a coupon?

Coupons are special deals that our partner businesses list on the market for you to purchase. They can be anything from huge discounts, freebies, access to exclusive items from their stores, or even better deals that our partners can come up with. You can grab them and either redeem them instantly for yourself, or you can send these coupons to a friend anywhere around the world.

How do I buy a coupon from a store far away from me?

On Lemi, you have the option to purchase coupons from anywhere in the world. If for example you live in North America, but have any friends or family in Europe, you could look for a Lemi store near them and purchase one of their digital coupons that you then send to your friend via a link or QR code. You can pay for these coupons either by credit, debit, or with Lemi gems.

What are Lemi gems?

Gems are a form of currency we use on Lemi. You can use these gems to purchase coupons and products practically for free!

How do I earn gems?

Any positive action you do on Lemi will earn you gems! These are:

  1. Every time someone makes a purchase on Lemi because of your recommendations
  2. Whenever you support a business on Lemi through a purchase
  3. Every time you invite someone to Lemi
  4. The first time you complete your profile on Lemi and share your experiences with the community
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