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Managing featured products

Featured products appear prominently across Lemi, for example underneath any post about your business, and optionally on your business page.

To manage featured products, login to your Lemi account and look at the toolbar at the top of your screen. Access your products by hovering over Your Business and tapping Products.

This will direct you to Products & Services. Scroll down to see the Featured Products section and your published products underneath.

Tap to feature a product. You can feature as many as you want but take note that you cannot feature Draft products. Remove a feature by tapping the icon again.

Scroll back to Featured Products to see the items you have chosen. To change their order, drag and drop their tiles accordingly.

Note that you can decide whether to show all products or only featured products, on your business home page by going to Your Business -> Edit Profile -> Key Info and choosing one of these two radio buttons

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