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What is Lemi and how will it help my business?

Lemi drives sales to local businesses like yours on our platform by rewarding recommendations, referrals, and purchases with digital gems that you can exchange for cash.

Unlike other platforms, users on Lemi are incentivized to actively make recommendations about all business on the platform and in turn creating more digital traffic for your business. Those same users are also more likely to spend on your business on Lemi as their rewards hold a greater monetary value when used within the platform.

What services do you offer?

We offer plenty of services both on the free Basic Plan and on the premium Ignite Plan. Here’s what you can find on Lemi:

Basic Plan

Lemi E-commerce Website – Your own personal webpage where you can list your products, promos, and cool information about your business like your story, your vision, and so much more

Automated SEO – Your Lemi page appears on the top of Google searches

Dedicated App Page

Inventory Management – Update your inventory status per item with our management tools that allow you to mark items as “out of stock”

Product Variation – Set variants per item and manage your products in one link instead of having to make a new one per color or size

Order Queueing – Prioritize earlier orders with Lemi’s order queueing function that takes note of when each order was placed and presents them to you in chronological order, so you can stay organized

Credit Card and other Cashless Payment methods – Your page automatically comes with option for customers to pay with their credit cards or other payment methods depending on their region such as Apple Pay, Google Play, Gcash, and many more

Digital Loyalty Program – Incentivize recurring customers with rewards and track their progress towards each milestone. Send them SMS updates to remind them of how close they are to a reward

Customer Database and Relationship Management System (CRM) – Keep track of your big spenders and note their information such as total spend, last visit, and even their birthdays

Promotional posts by the Lemi TeamĀ – Your business will be actively posted on our social media handles and routinely posted within the Lemi platform

Ignite Plan

Custom Website Hosting – Your Lemi page will be uniquely yours with an entirely custom domain with a one-time setup fee

Premium website templates – Find a layout that matches your brand

Inventory and customer analytics

Automated population of Customer Database and Relationship Management System (CRM)

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