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Why am I receiving emails from Lemi

We know it can be confusing to receive lots of emails without understanding where they are coming from.

You’re receiving emails from Lemi because you signed up for an account at lemiapp.com or lemibusiness.com. We send multiple types of emails, and you’re in full control of what you receive.

Marketing emails are emails like messages about upcoming events like a Payday Sale, or information about new features on Lemi. You can opt out of these emails by clicking the link in the footer.

Transactional emails are emails like password resets, receipts, notifications when somebody orders from your online shop, and important updates to terms and conditions. You can’t unsubscribe from these.

If you want to close your Lemi account, you’ll no longer receive any emails from us. Click the Account Deletion section in your profile, or reach out to use at help@lemiapp.com to request an account closure.

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